Beg, Borrow and Meal

During a grocery shopping procrastination phase, creativity is key. Tonight I took the leftover appetizers (Brie, salami) and cocktail ingredient (pear) brought over by our guests last night, and made paninis. Thanks for the ingredients, Laura! 🙂

Birthday Treats

This pretty package arrived on my doorstep today. Thanks Ash & Al! Love me some Dean and Deluca goodies, and macarons make me feel like Blair Waldorf. 🙂


My Week in Food

Oh, what a decadent week it was. Farewells and celebrations call for the most memorable meals. I call the first three entries, Ode to Mountain View (lunch hour).

Namesake enchiladas at Fiesta Del Mar, Shoreline in Mountain View

Enchiladas Fiesta Del Mar @ Fiesta Del Mar

Penne Francesca at Pizzeria Venti, Mountain View

Penne Francesca @ Pizzeria Venti

Vic’s Special at Country Deli, Mountain View

Vics Special @ Country Deli

Mushroom Bisque in Demi Tasse at Town, San Carlos

Mushroom Bisque Demi @ Town

And last but never least, French toast at home 🙂

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